A case for the octopus over the unicorn.

“Data science encompasses a set of principles, problem definitions, algorithms, and processes for extracting nonobvious and useful patterns from large data sets”. Nice quote taken from here.

I was going over some MLPL (Machine Learning Process Lifecycle) materials when a familiar feeling hit me. You see, my background is weird, I have a bachelor’s and master’s in Business Administration and little later built the courage to get my Physics degree as well, it was a dream of mine that for a long time I thought I wasn’t enough of a “genius” to fulfill (that is a whole other story on…

This program is not meant for real trading, the goal is to understand a few concepts on cryptotrading and how it can be automated based on certain strategies.

Image created with R : source code

Before going ahead and trying this for yourself, you will need to go to Binance.com and create your own API key.

There’s a myth going around that UFO sightings are more likely to occur near nuclear facilities. How does one go about exploring this idea?


Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape or form getting involved in the debate about UFOs being actual E.T. stuff. I do, however, see this topic as a folklore of sorts and find it very entertaining, this is only for demonstrative purposes on data manipulation and analysis.

Taking on a project like this can be overwhelming, in order to avoid such negative feelings, it is always better to take things step by step, so that’s how…

A step by step recount, with a livestock dataset.

source: 7NewsCQ/Twitter

As first semester students of a Data Science program we took our first dive into the outliers world and this is what we came up with.

First steps

Working on data science projects one gets used to a few simple steps that feel like a warm up before a workout, so much so that it becomes a very natural and even subconscious act, but let’s go over them anyway:

1. Get ’em libraries set up

A letter from 2020…. These are hard times, in many ways, this has happened before, but the context has never been the same. We are experiencing this pandemic in a world that feels tiny and we are aware of the things that happen in our city as well as all the way on the other side of the world.

About a month in, I recognized the need to stop trying to be on top of the news, all kinds of news, from all kinds of sources, it takes a toll in our mental health and our energy levels. …

This analysis is based on the story Whatsapp Group Chat Analysis using Python and Plotly by Saiteja Kura

The following steps were taken from the analysis by Saiteja Kura and modified as needed. The result is the same analysis with some added features, hope this is useful. The activity as a whole is a lot of fun and can give you a hint about how is the overall mood of your group chat.

1.Exporting your group chat: Whatsapp provides a feature of exporting any chat (with or without media) as a .txt file.

Image link

2. The plain text file needs to…

Brenda L. A.

Former business administration professional turned physicist. My unusual background has given me a unique approach to problem solving and data analysis.

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